Acting in top management consulting for over a decade, diciottofebbraio professionals work with the highest levels of quality standards for major companies, associations and national and international stakeholders in the airline, airport, aviation, aerospace & defense industries.

Unique skills in terms of industry practical knowledge; innovation in the value propositions of suggestions to customers; strong ability to stimulate the generation of incremental financial results in the short-term flexibility; and listening to the specific interests of individual served; speed in delivery of the project to the client . These are our distinctiveness that the market recognizes and for which he has paid and awarded to an increasing extent over the years.

The diciottofebbraio teams work with the customer from the stage of analysis the definition of the strategy, its implementation and monitoring of results. We believe in the right mix between strong basic scientific reference and our unique practical knowledge in key processes of the aviation industry, gained through direct management of firms and investment risk in them.

This makes us unique if compared to others and makes us the ideal partner for start-up support paths, strategic plans and industry, BPR, stock-quotation, commercial due diligence, expert opinion, research industry.

Others will imitate, but fail to produce the same proposition of content and quality and methodological rigor that characterize the diciottofebbraio brand.

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